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Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click is also known as PPC and a commonly used Search Marketing tool. It focuses mainly on ‘active’ users, thereby being quite ideal to create new leads. We are the ‘Premier Partner of Google’ and provide advertising and PPC management services. You can enjoy the benefit of paying for what your potential customers click!

PPC Management Services

Your website must show up on the search results for relevant keywords used by your potential customers. This is crucial for the success of your online business. But what strategy to opt for super-competitive search terms. It is quite natural for your competitor to be ahead of you to attract customers. Making some investments help enhance further visibility.

Pay Per Click

What is PPC?

PPC is an advertisement that pops up at the top of the search results as relevant keywords are used. This way, your services or products can be at the right places for millions to see without having to search for them. Thus, PPC helps with faster conversion.

PPC Service London

Our Approach

We consider a multi-layered approach and map out the user’s journey. We take full responsibility at all stages involved, right from choosing appropriate keywords, copy, landing page strategy and structure. We will optimize continuously as well as change PPC activity to suit changing needs to meet your set objectives and goals.

It does sound somewhat techie! But that’s doesn’t mean you should refrain from implementing this strategy. PPC offers you some quick wins. We are there to implement it correctly, thus reducing your stress.

Why choose PPC?

  • It emphasizes more on ‘active’ users, those trying to fulfill an action. It allows your potential customers to get easy access to your site, thus generating valuable leads.
  • It allows you to evaluate your results, adapt ad copy, bids, etc. depending on what provides results and what doesn’t. Since it involves some money, every penny should count!

This amazing marketing strategy makes your website top the SERPs. With the right price, you can have your site above organic results.

PPC Advertising Agency

Work with us to achieve sure success

Choosing our search & social marketing agency will help you to reach your goals effortlessly. We will provide you with a dedicated account team to manage your PPC campaigns, needs and marketing strategies.

Our Digital Creative team will come up with a well-written ad copy, which is sure to compel the right people to make the right clicks. This means you will derive value worth the money spent.

We provide you with daily and monthly reports on our progress made in your campaigns. You can also register with our digital marketing workshop to learn about the work performed by your account team. We can help achieve your set business goals with our highly effective campaigns. Our objective is to optimize your budget while reducing click costs. We also will refine your target and deliver better ROI.

How can we benefit your business?

  • We proudly claim to be the ‘Premier Partner of Google’ and boast of having a certified digital marketing team. We provide you with quick access to events, industry research, exclusive training, study materials and product updates.
  • We focus more on your specific business requirements as well as performance optimization rather than only on PPC.
  • We provide you with jargon-free reporting. This allows you to have a better view of our efforts and progress.
  • We focus on effective communication, overall performance and data. Combined with our award-winning customer service, we offer all-around quality services.
  • We take a humanized approach towards automation.

Other Paid Search Services offered

  • Google Display Network: This visual network comprises of network covering websites in millions. Businesses can stay connected with customers effectively at multiple points.
  • Remarketing: This paid advertising strategy can be used for targeting those people who have visited your website already. Perhaps they have not completed their purchase or require some more persuasion. Remarketing also helps promote general brand awareness.
  • Google Grants: Google Search results offers free advertising to UK-based charity companies. However, it will require some serious planning, daily meticulous supervision combined with effective strategies. This way, you can raise general awareness among targeted people and reach potential donors to avail charity.
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